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Zero Point Session

The Zero Point Session is essentially done by the power of Grace at the speed of light to release all the thought, emotional and behavior patterns that apparently have been blocking your process of Awakening, Transformation and God-realization — patterns that you have been identifying with for many years. It’s a unique and powerful process.

You might think that you are responsible for the thoughts and emotions you are having, but in reality, neither the thoughts nor the feelings are actually yours. These are just thoughts and feelings that have kept repeating and been recycled over many generations. Most of the thoughts and feelings that are at the root of your current problems or issues are not yours but are inherited from your ancestors. They merely arise and are experienced in your current life situation.

During a Zero Point Session, I am going to feel the thought, emotional and behavior patterns that apparently interfere with your Awakening process from a state of pure Awareness. Looking into the line of your ancestors, mostly in areas that are not apparent to you, I am going to work on the roots of those patterns and irradiate them with pure, highly focused Light. This is what makes this method so effective – rooting out and eventually releasing these patterns for good. Besides, your ancestors are also going to be released during this process, and after the session, you are going to experience a profound lightness, both physically and energetically. Eventually, the cause of all of your so-called suffering, including the idea of a “me” that thought to have had those thought and emotional patterns, disappears, and the only thing that remains is Nothingness, the Zero Point, or the deep silence that is at the very core of your being. You are going to experience and realize firsthand what this is all about. If you are ready to face the thoughts and emotions that are there in you, the Zero Point Session is for you.

Please note: After the session, for about three days to one week, integration at the energy level is going to take place. During that time, you may observe this process and, if necessary, take a follow-up session, with a minimum gap of one week. People usually experience a deep state of Zero Point consciousness after just a few sessions.

・Session fee: 120 EUR. Duration: Up to 2 hours (may vary individually).

・Follow-up session fee: 90 EUR. Duration: Up to 2 hours (may vary individually). A follow-up session needs to be taken within one month of the previous session.

This session is for you if you want to …

  • deepen your process of Awakening, Transformation and God-realization,
  • release the emotional and thought patterns that are apparently confining yourself,
  • be free from traumas, conflict and suffering,
  • overcome a state of stagnation,
  • accept yourself as you are and experience the flow of life more freely and joyously,
  • deepen this process, if you already have had a one-on-one Zero Point Session.


I’m astonished. What went on for more than 30 years, even though I have made various efforts, the fact that it did not change has been solved in just three sessions of one hour each (man in his 50s, translated from Japanese)

My aim was to eliminate the deep feelings of helplessness, worthlessness, and loneliness within me and the sorrow and anger that go with them. When I was in my twenties, I realized that I was carrying them, and for almost 30 years, I worked on them with all kinds of methods. There is no doubt that it was getting better, but it didn’t melt away like the snow, and there was such a feeling left. What was especially painful was that when these sensations surfaced, I always had a “chest pain.” There were thoughts such as “I can get your chest scooped out” and “I’m stuck in my chest.”

Recently, the symptoms of Corona and the work and relationships that have been affected by it have suddenly worsened. After many years of training, I’ve come to the point where I couldn’t help myself anymore. So I asked Tomoko Gakiya to have a session.

In my case, I had three sessions because it was such a long and deep-rooted pattern, and the sessions made me feel “surprisingly refreshed.” First of all, the pain in the back of the chest, which is the most painful and easy-to-understand symptom, disappeared beautifully. It is what it feels like to no more “hold your chest” so that when you breathe, fresh air will come in and go out.
Also, the feelings of “helplessness, worthlessness, and loneliness” have disappeared from me, and I was surprised, “Where did they go?” To be more precise, sometimes I feel like an “afterimage,” but now I just turn my consciousness quietly towards it, and it “disappears,” so I am not caught up with them as I was before. They are gone.
I’m surprised. What has been bothering me for more than 30 years, and what hasn’t changed throughout various efforts during that period, has been resolved in just three sessions of one hour each.
The real intention is that “I wanted to have this experience earlier!” After all, it was a wonderful experience that I’m very grateful for.

I feel a profound relief as if a heavy burden is gone (woman in her 60s)

Now it is three days ago since I’ve had the session with you, Tomoko. I feel a profound relief as if a heavy burden is gone.

This trauma has accompanied and influenced me for a whole lifetime. It popped up regularly in any relationship I had — suddenly, I regressed to the level of a tiny little baby, being lost, screaming like hell, totally needy and desperate.

When my former husband had abandoned me in summer 2016, the “being left behind” of the little baby had been triggered again so much that from that time on, I created a severe digestion problem.

Now it feels like you, Tomoko, gently and effortlessly pulled the long root of a dandelion totally out of the earth. Nothing of the old trauma remained; nothing can be found anymore — and I make sure that I won’t spoil the healing process by looking for it.

There is a feeling that I got closer to myself (closer to my “true self”) and that self-esteem and self-love become permanent – no longer interrupted by times of loneliness, neediness, and despair.

I am very grateful to you, the great work you do, and the Divine grace that took place. For me, you, Tomoko, are a midwife not in a physical sense but in a spiritual sense – helping to give birth to the true self in a highly effective yet very gentle way. Thank you so much.

I started to think that my choices are not two choices, but infinite (woman in her 40s, translated from Japanese)

I’ve always been worried about my relationship with a partner — “I don’t want to lose him, but I can’t give up my dream either.” That is, “having a partner would destroy my dream, and living my dream would mean to lose my partner.” It was a dead end.

Meanwhile, I took Tomoko’s Zero Point Session. During the session, you are going to experience the “zero point” with Tomoko. When I experienced the zero point, I can say that my thoughts have turned 180 degrees — no, 360 degrees and returned to “zero?” The zero point cannot be properly put in words because it is a “wordless” experience. But through that experience, the thoughts trapped in the “tiny box without an exit” created by the “small self” melted away.

When I thought about the future with my partner right after the session, I realized that I had changed to the idea of “I’m able to manage.” I no longer have to plan concretely like “What should I do now?” like before. To be able to manage means to receive a bigger thought that cannot be conceived by a “small me.” I started to think that my choices were infinite, not just two. Thoughts that have been nestling for several years can actually be changed in one session! Thanks to Tomoko.

In the end, “I” wasn’t there. It was just an idea that I’ve always had (woman in her 40s, translated from Japanese) 

When I took the zero point session, I recalled the process from when I was little to the present. What was tied to all events was that “I want to recognize the value of my existence.” As soon as the session started, I felt sorrowful, lonely, and miserable, and my chest became painful, and tears overflowed. As it went further, what I actually felt was “regret.” The moment I felt “regretful,” my head hurt, and tears of a different quality started flowing … After that process, I gradually calmed down, and then my thoughts stopped.

As I was gently guided, my thoughts disappeared and then returned, and I felt a gradual sensation of a deepening and a silence. In the end, while this took place, I wasn’t there. It was just an idea that I’ve always had. It wasn’t real.

A few days after the session, when I remembered the thought, “What is the value of my existence?” I realized that what I had grasped for many years was not what “I” was grasping, and I now feel a deeper calmness than ever before. From now on I will enjoy living more freely. Thank you.

When I was released, I was no more suffering (woman in her 50s, translated from Japanese)

I had been occupied by certain emotions and experiences for the last 30 years, but with Tomoko’s guidance, I am able to enjoy life more deeply.

When I look back to my childhood experiences, I was able to feel not just my own emotions but also those of the people around me, such as those of my parents and my grandparents.

When those were released, my suffering also disappeared. I now have less conflict, and I often remember that I am love.

After the session, the process continues to deepen, and I laugh when I find myself trying to change, blame or rush. It feels like being carried on a ship called “life.”

The journey that began with trauma awareness, connecting the pieces of the puzzle, and led me to a deeper realization of pure consciousness (woman in her 50s, translated from Japanese)

In the session, I felt a certain discomfort in the body. By focusing on my senses, I saw a piece of floating memory, and then the session came to an end. The changes continued to take place after the session.

During the meditation, the process continued to deepen, and I realized that there was a trauma that I was not aware of (pretending not to see it), and from there, thoughts and behavior patterns that “I should do something.” Things connected like a puzzle.

Events that continued to unfold in real life were also part of the process. An event that made me clearly aware of the “hope to stay in the zero points,” which is the exact opposite of my usual thoughts and behavior patterns, and another drama that I happened to see (usually I do not watch much TV).

Looking back to the last few days, it was a journey that began with trauma awareness, connecting the pieces of the puzzle, and led me to a deeper realization of pure consciousness.

I could see that it was a process of deepening the state of becoming one with the experiences that I’ve had during the journey. Besides, it was a great experience that the process took place in silence.

It has been just the number one. You are not only awakening to yourself as the relative self and what is currently making you up, but you are seeing all of it as it is. (Christer Dani Carlsen from Norway, 30s )

I have been taking Zero Point sessions from Tomoko for about 4-5 months, and it has been just the number one. The thing that happens is that things are seen as they are. It happens in an exponentially opening process. You are not only awakening to yourself as the relative self and what is currently making you up, but you are seeing all of it as it is. You’re having it all and it feels like that little place or cosmic point, which we call “the past”, it gets opened, and you can see it all. You can see why you are exactly what and who you are. You are seeing your entire family, and you are seeing everyone that you met, all the friends, girlfriends, boyfriends, people, small situations with random people coming in. You are seeing exactly who you were at that point, why they are who they are, and why they couldn’t be different. Not only that, you are noticing individual charges which are not caused by them. It is kind of like it’s living itself through them, and you are waking up to those charges and you are seeing how they permeate. It just gets more fulfilling to have the sessions with Tomoko. I’m very grateful to her.

Something underneath stays calm, remains untouched by outer turbulences. This state seems to stabilize, more and more. (woman,  Germany)

Immense gratitude for just sitting here. Some warmth in the belly. Subtle joy. What a miracle it is, this life. I have a body. I can walk around. I can choose my next meal. I can walk into a grocery store and buy the food I want. I can do the work that I want to do. I have what I need. Somehow life gave me the gift to overcome intense chronic pain and suffering. I can’t fully explain how and why. It has been a combination of things, starting with a shift of mind. But I am grateful and I will do my best to assist others on their journey, because I care. Our time here on earth is limited, but oh so precious. Every day, I feel wow. What a gift. What I gift! I used to scoff at gratitude and self love and loving the world and life. That seemed like a cruel joke to me. And now, I feel this, genuinely. Yes, there are still challenges. Not every day is only happiness, but something underneath stays calm, remains untouched by outer turbulences. This state seems to stabilize, more and more. This natural rest. Take a deep breath… Nowhere to go. Nowhere to be. This here now is it.


Q. How to take a session?

A. You can visit our meeting room in Hayama, Japan, or you can take a session online via Zoom/Skype (accessible via PC, smartphone, iPad, etc.)

Q. After taking a session, certain emotions have surfaced. How to deal with them?

A. As the process continues even after the session, it is natural that emotions arise as part of it. In that case, we recommend that you do not resist but just feel it as it is. That is how it can be resolved naturally. You can also message us. We are here to assist you whenever necessary.

Session reservation and procedure

1. How to take a session
Send your details, including your preferred schedule, via the application form below. After that, we are going to send you an email with further information. (Note: If you do not receive a reply within 48 hours, there may be a reception error, in which case you can resend it.)

2. Payment
After sending your application via the form below, you are going to receive the payment details via email. Please transfer the session fee to the account mentioned therein until one day before the session. As soon as the transfer is complete, the session reservation is confirmed.

3. On the day of the session
Please come to the session room by the time you have booked, or if you are going to take an online session, we are going to email you the Zoom link on the day of the session.

One-on-one Zero Point Session Application Form

Please also mention the reason for your application when applying for a one-on-one session.